Sentence Work

Between these two there are a lot of differences and you’re probably thinking by now what they could possibly have in common. Well in order for the four heroes to set out on their journeys and succeed they had to see themselves as heroes in the first place. In my painting, which may seem conceited, it’s me portraying myself as my own hero.

Even though a written piece is a lot different than a visual piece they both speak about the same thing. Heroes are often portrayed as being on journeys to get to their final destination in life. With that being said I believe I am my own hero on a journey of my own.

Seeing yourself as a hero can define who you are in the long run. A true hero is able to see it within themselves before anyone else and that is why my piece is an alter ego of myself. However these four heroes go on their own journeys to fulfill their own destinies.


Project 2

Semi- colon

I also in took from this article that language teachers not only have to be responsible for learning the language itself; they also learn the surroundings and aspects around the language.

Semi-colon connecting word

I also got that there is no set structure to determine whether someone would switch a language at a certain time; however, it may shine light to how fluent their bilingual is.


The languages I encountered: English, Spanglish, Indian accent English, and friend slang.


Sentence Work on Project 2

Reading the articles and experiencing my own research in the world and how they speak teaches me that there is even more diversity in languages now than there was back in the day; this matters because this makes our community better-rounded. My limitations were that I didn’t get to go to a lot of places, as well as the few hours that I slept. Expanding my study would include me going to various neighborhoods for longer periods of time in each place.


The sentences sound good and they look like they are over half court.

My limitations were that I didn’t get to go to a lot of places, as well as the few hours gave me since I slept in some of the time.


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