Evaluation of Literacy Narrative Eng 201


1. Reflection on Literacy Narrative

What I learned from my writing and literacy is that I’m not very good at it. That I need some kind of form to follow in order to write a well written essay. My new understanding of rhetoric enabled me to explain things in a different matter and go about them differently. For this writing project I listed the specifics in each of my artifacts found out what they had in common and what they differed in. I also did an outline of what the essay should lay out so it flowed easier when I was typing. I can improve by writing more and using different methods to figure out which one works best for me.


6/11/2014 Reflection for the Evaluation Rubric

  • What did you learn about the narrative genre?

I learned that the genre of a narrative are usually based on your own opinions and your life experiences so most likely non-fiction.

  • Who were you writing to? What did you do to reach that audience?

I was writing to people that struggle with words rather then showing you what they mean. I compared my essay to a painting I did to signify that my painting explains better than my words.

  • What did you learn about theme and purpose?

I learned that as you write you can sometimes catch a theme within the words. After you’ve caught it, it becomes your purpose of the story.

  • What did you learn about how to use rhetorical analysis?

I learned that rhetorical analysis helps you look at the main subject of the essay in different perspectives. In doing that it helps you to write your essay in a different manor that may be better than what you’ve been doing.


2. Primary Research Reflection

It was quite different to do research while living my normal everyday life. Usually do research within the computer but this I found interesting to do since it was hands on using two of my five senses. Difficulties I faced were that I was limited to one location for most of my day and that I slept for a couple of hours that I could of been spending researching. I learned that this kind of research work would have to be done throughout a couple of years to get somewhat accurate in your data and get a level of consistency. Overall I much rather enjoyed this kind of research since it was my own data rather than someone else’s.

3. Reflection on Sentences

Different sentence structures definitely alter ones voice when being an author. I think the way my sentences are structured doesn’t make my voice really firm and believable. I think I’m more of a writing about facts other than stories like James Patterson. His words flow easily and even though it’s a story you believe every word he says as if it were written in history. I don’t think I have that much creativity with words.

4. Reflection on Sociology Project

My claim which I don’t think I really mentioned was that we should travel and not stay in one place. My data suggested that because I stayed in one place it caused one language to stand out from the rest. The warrant would be we should go a ll over the world so we could be well-rounded in languages and understand each other so we could become closer within our human race. This project is definitely different than the literacy narrative. This project has primary research and it’s structured in APA style rather than your regular structured essay. The changes I made in my writing for this project is my approach towards the audience, it’s like I had to create a different voice.

5. Reflection on Print Ad Audience

My choice of audience will influence my ad’s purpose and media design because having the government and parents as an audience really makes you think on what would affect them or how would I get their attention. With the government being my audience listing statistics would probably grab their attention since they don’t want chaos among other civilians being informed about the facts. As well as the parents they would have sympathy amongst the children out there and for their own that they would do anything to help. Audience influences what you have to say because depending on the audience you have to figure out your tone and stance towards them so that they can be interested in what you have to say and not offended.

7. Reflection on Print Ad Project

Because the government was my audience I knew I had to list statistics in there and link it to how that could affect the parents thoughts on the schools. I also had parents as my audience and I knew I had to add a little sympathy within the ad by showing the kids fighting for intelligence. The design of this project enabled me to think outside of the box in order to come up with an idea on how it would catch the audience’s attention. If I had access to better software my ad wouldn’t be hand drawn instead it would be modernly digital. If I had more time I definitely think I could of thought of a better slogan and maybe even better ideas for the ad. I made sure my rationale and ad had no errors by proofreading myself forward and backwards as well as having a peer reread it.



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