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What have I learned so far about rhetorical context?

What I’ve learned is that not everything that we think we know the meaning of means exactly that. Sometimes it may mean the complete opposite but because we’ve already have a clear cut idea on some of life we make assumptions. You can say some may be more close minded than others and have a certain opinion on something. While others are more open minded and let their mind roam with more broad ideas. Basically you can’t always be sure you know the meaning of something even after you’ve analyzed it.


english 205 first ad

In this ad I analyzed that it’s more of a visual approach and that anyone not only hispanics can understand it. Even though the words are in spanish they clearly have visuals to show you what they are trying to sell you. They have icicles and white swirls surrounding the gum package making seem really breath freshening and cool to the mouth. They also have ”Extra” in big bold, white letters to catch the audience’s eyes.  There’s also a nice contrast with the blue background and white letters.


english 205 first ad

Rhetorical Questions

  • Purpose – To sell gum
  • Audience – The target audience would be hispanics because the words are in spanish but I think it can reach anybody that has common sense to put two and two together
  • Stance – I think they do a more visual approach and bold letters to catch the attention of readers
  • Genre – This style would be a product advertisement. To make it seem better than any other gum out there
  • Media/Design/Form – They did a nice contrast between the blue and white so that the letters pop out and put more design into the product rather than their message.

dry clean optionhigh heat symbol lay flat symbolunknown symbol


It was a bit hard to find the overall symbol such as the last picture but I got to a conclusion. To me this is a composition of laundry symbols where the circle itself means it needs to be dry cleaned. The three dots mean it needs to be in high heat and the dash means to lay flat to finish drying off.

second adEthos Pathos Logos rhetorical triangle


  • Ethos – I would think this ad has a lot of authority and trust since Camel has been around for a while.  For trust they tell you a little of a warning label at the bottom of the ad.
  • Logos – For reasoning the ad gives you options at the bottom whether to ”Keep it original or click it fresh” meaning you can smoke what they’ve been selling or try their new flavor. For statistics as well the bottom label serves as a fact for the audience and in the end pushes to persuading them.
  • Pathos – For emotion and beliefs it would be different depending on who was reading the ad. If it was a reader that was pro smoking cigarettes then they would find this ad a bit refreshing and see that they have options to what they would smoke. In the end it would persuade them quite well. For the people that are anti smoking cigarettes they wouldn’t find this ad too persuading because of their own beliefs and emotion.

My Myth Paper Classic Myth Paper

First Method

Purpose – To compare and contrast four heroes in the mystical world

Audience – Towards people that thought all heroes did the same thing and there were only the usual heroes

Stance- My approach was to inform of the details between the heroes and to acknowledge the readers of the differences

Genre – I think this paper was rather informational

Media/Design/Form – The media was a written paper

Second Method

Ethos – I don’t really think there would be a lot of character in this paper but if there was I would think it would go towards the better side of character since it’s just trying to inform the audience.

Logos – The reasoning of the paper would be the back and forth with the contrasting and comparing between the heroes. The logic of it isn’t really factual evidence since it’s based on mythical creatures.

Pathos – There’s not much emotion in my paper because again its information being given but beliefs might have to be whether the person who is reading it believes in mythical stories or not.

Third Method

Explicit Details – The details about the heroes and how they went on their journey and who or what they fought.

Implicit Message – I think that people don’t know a lot about the mythical stories and that they have their own opinion on heroes but don’t know exactly each heroes’ stories or that there are other heroes rather than the famous ones such as Hercules.

Extended Meaning – That even though they are all heroes their journeys are not all the same

The Spike Lee Video Clip

Explicit Details – They were saying a lot of racial comments and no respect between races. The African Americans were having fun next to the pump while the white person was in a nice car telling the boys what to do.

Implicit Message – There was no respect between the races meaning there was still racism during this time. Since the African Americans were very free I feel like they recently got their freedom thus the whites still not respecting them. And that even though the white guy wanted the black boys to get penalized he felt stupid to be bad mouthing them.

Extended Meaning – Even though there’s still people out there that are racist at least there’s people in authority that understand that even though there’s different races we’re all equal.


Narrative Literacy Draft Narrative Literacy Draft Essay Eng 201



Character: Bob (superhero)

Skills: can fly, teleport, and control things with his mind

Physical Characteristics: buff, charming, dimples, pearly white teeth, light brown hair, and good heart

Setting: In the subway

Bob: Hey, how you doing? *winks*

Jessica: (texting to boyfriend) Hey babe. Want to get something to eat. “Hearts”

Patrick: Y’all lovas know how I kin git ta South Street Seaport? I’m fixin for sum catfish.

Mikey: Yo dudes, I got no clue where I’m going… How do I get to the beach to shred some waves?

Bob: ey, hermano I’m not with that chic ju hear? Yo soy single. *Shines a smile*

Jessica: (texting) Me mistaco Bob. Yo no speak espanol. Adios.

Patrick: Ammi da on one dat speak an English round here?

Recorded Languages

12:16 – English for 2 minutes

12:19 – English for 30 seconds

12:36 – Spanglish 16 mins

12:37 – English for 15 seconds

4:11 – English for an hr

5 – Indian accent English for an hr and 30 minutes

6-11:30 – Spanglish for 5 hrs and 30 minutes

1:00-4 – Spanglish and friend slang

Vincent Palmeri

Quantitative Data Analysis

Audience: For any one interested in languages since its on a blog

Purpose: To inform and point out that combination language is most common

Genre: type of research paper

Stance: it has factual evidence

Media/Design: written paper with graphs

#: Language: Time Spent (Minutes) Category Formal Language (English, Spanish, or Combination)
 1. Texting Language 120 mins Read/Written English
 2. Conversational Spanish 376:00 mins Spoken/Heard Combination
 3. Basic English 63:00 mins Spoken/Heard/Written English
 4. Acting Language 90:00 mins Heard English (Indian Accent)
 5. Friend Language 180:00 mins Spoken/Heard Combination/Slang

Texting Language would be how I talk through text. Conversational Spanish is what I had with a friend’s mother where it wasn’t formal but it wasn’t slang. Acting language was the language I was hearing from a movie. My friend language consists of Spanglish and slang.


Multilingualism Project 2 Draft Eng 201 Multilingualism Project 2


Three Poems 


Language dude

What does it really mean though

Who knows bro



Language arts

Basic foundation for any education

To survive in this nation you need Language arts

Every day Hola come estas?

Simple hellos and goodbyes til tomorrow

Goo Goo Ga Ga the baby says hello to his mommy

With rosey cheeks smiling from ear to ear

Language arts a,b,c,d alphabets stacking up oh now you see me




What language are you saying



Project 3 Draft Print Ad Rationale



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